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Our Initiatives:

  • Identify current and emerging health and safety issues related to injury prevention.

  • Review provincial and national injury data and reports on injury prevention.

  • Establish provincial priorities for injury prevention programming.

  • Develop strategies to address priority injury prevention issues.

  • Identify and promote joint research and education related to injury prevention.

  • Identify and promote joint opportunities for inter-sectoral collaboration and coordination.

  • Implement and evaluate injury prevention initiatives.

  • Communicate to the public and responsible persons/groups injury prevention initiatives.

Our Progress:

  • There has been significant progress in building capacity to address injuries in the province. This progress includes:

    • Identifying organizations dedicated to addressing injuries.

    • Establishing and developing new initiatives across community and government levels.

    • Strategies in support of the umbrella injury prevention strategy (falls prevention, suicide prevention, surveillance, car seat safety, etc).

    • Improving advocacy, establishing an infrastructure and providing leadership.

Recent Initiatives:

  • 2018 - NLIPC hosted the National Fall Prevention Conference with 150 participants and speakers from across Canada and around the world

  • 2018 - NLIPC co-hosted with ACIP (Atlantic Collaborative on Injury Prevention) the Atlantic Injury Prevention Conference

  • 2018 - NLIPC prepared and presented to Government NL a position paper on ATV safety

  • 2018 - NLIPC joined the rest of Canada and celebrated Fall Prevention Month with events across Newfoundland and Labrador

  • 2019 - NLIPC participated in the Safe Kids Expo

  • 2019 - NLIPC promoted bicycle helmet safety with a Bike Helmet Photo Campaign

  • 2019 - NLIPC celebrated Fall Prevention Month

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