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Fall Prevention

Falls are common, and the injuries can be critical.

Falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations for Canadians over 65 years of age and the number of older adults in Canada is increasing rapidly. Approximately 30 per cent of older adults fall at least once a year, and those falls often result in disability, loss of independence or death. November is Fall Prevention Month and you can help prevent falls in your community by running an awareness event or activity.

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How To Run a Successful Fall Prevention Awareness Event - NLIPC Success Story - Click Here for Article

November is Fall Prevention Month

Falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths and hospitalizations in Canada.

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Fall Prevention Month encourages organizations to coordinate their efforts for a larger impact. Canadian organizations participate by planning initiatives and sharing evidence-based information on fall prevention. Together we can raise the profile of fall prevention and help everyone see their role in keeping adults active, independent and healthy as they age.

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